DARMSTADT, Germany — Schenck Process on Oct. 7 added ProFlex C 100 to its ProFlex C portfolio of feeders. Already available in C 500, C 3000 and C 6000, the new C 100 offers small feed rates for a variety of applications in food production.

Schenck Process ProFlex C100 feederSchenck’s ProFlex C 100 continuous feeder offers flexibility with quick and clean changeovers. The system is designed to prevent bridging and plugging of sticky powders. The C 100 fits on small extruders and is available in low weight, allowing processors to group up to five feeders around a small extruder or lab inlet.

The ProFlex C 100 has flexible hopper walls and installation option. It is applicable for compound and masterbatch industries.

Each system in the company’s ProFlex C portfolio has an asymmetric design, features easy change of discharge, an 8-point massage system, easy dismantling and cleaning, steep hopper walls and is LIW-critical cabling encapsulated.

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