DES MOINES, IOWA — Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering segment of Kemin Industries, recently announced a new line of palatants for use in wet cat food: PALIVATE™.

With increased consumer awareness of pet health, many have switched their pets to more appetizing meals, like wet formats, which are often considered to be highly palatable. According to data shared by Kemin and reported by Euromonitor, cat owners choose wet formulas almost as often as dry ones, with wet cat food comprising 44% of the global volume of cat food. Although wet cat food is believed to be highly palatable, many consumers and pet food processors have struggled to get a cat to consume wet food, according to Kemin.

Kemin’s new PALIVATE palatants are designed to increase palatability of wet formulas while minimizing negative effects to a formula’s overall integrity. The PALIVATE line can withstand retort processing and can be used for formats with low inclusions, including loaves and chunks in gravy.

According to testing conducted by Kemin, the addition of PALIVATE in chunks in gravy formats increased a cat’s overall intake of the food. The dry palatants also significantly outperformed a competitive palatant when used in chicken- and salmon-based loaf formulas, according to the company.

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