BERKELEY, Calif. — Jiminy’s, a pet treat manufacturer using crickets as a sustainable source of protein, announced Aug. 9 it will introduce its first insect-protein dog food during SuperZoo 2019. The brand will also introduce new treat flavors and formulas and share results from their latest studies on cricket protein digestibility and gut health.

The company’s new dog foods, “Good Grub” and “Cricket Crave,” are manufactured in the US in small batches and appropriate for all life stages, according to Jiminy’s. The complete and balanced dog diets are highly digestible, hypoallergenic and soft baked.

Good Grub includes insect protein powder, sweet potato, quinoa, oats and pumpkin, while Cricket Crave includes cricket protein powder, oats, quinoa and sweet potato. Both formulas also include other plant-based ingredients, Jiminy’s said.

The new dog food formulas include insect protein powders and other plant-based ingredients.

“Our studies have proven cricket protein has a prebiotic effect, so we are thrilled to have now developed Jiminy’s Dog Food,” says Anne Carlson, founder and CEO of Jiminy’s. “We think this should sway many dog owners who were on the fence regarding cricket protein.

New chewy treats formulated with pumpkin, carrots, oats and crickets will also be showcased during SuperZoo. The treats are hypoallergenic, low-calorie and sustainable, according to the company.

Jiminy’s conducted and funded studies in conjunction with AnimalBiome, a company founded by scientists to conduct research on and test products for digestibility and gut health, to determine the biological efficacy of cricket protein in a dog diet. The companies found in two peer-reviewed studies that cricket protein meets the standard of microbial diversity necessary for a healthy, balanced diet.

Jiminy’s will be exhibiting at booth #2064 from Aug. 20-22 during SuperZoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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