BOULDER, COLO. — Bond Pet Foods, Inc., a biotechnology startup using fermentation to produce lab-cultured protein sources, announced the launch of its first product May 6, Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bars. They are formulated with novel dry yeast protein and include at least 29% protein per bar.

Founded in 2017, the company’s innovative approach to pet nutrition aims to provide sustainable alternatives, such as lab-cultured animal and plant-based proteins, that require less land, water and energy to produce, according to the company.

"With our proprietary approach, we're producing proteins that are nutritionally identical to their meat counterparts without the environmental, animal welfare and safety downsides," said Pernilla Audibert, co-founder and chief technology officer of Bond Pet Foods. "Utilizing microbial fermentation and the biochemistry of yeast, we're harvesting cultured animal proteins like chicken, turkey and fish, without the animal, and then using the ingredients as the foundation of our complete recipes. Products made with these meat proteins will be commercially available within the next three years."

The protein bar for dogs is designed to be broken into smaller bites. The packaging is 100% recyclable. The products are currently being produced in small batches and are available for purchase direct-to-consumer through the company’s website, with first shipments to be delivered in late May, Bond Pet Foods said.

"Bond is part of a progressive movement aimed at reducing the social and environmental impacts of what our pets eat through new protein and ingredient solutions," said Rich Kelleman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Bond Pet Foods. "With so much of our time currently spent at home with our four-legged friends due to social distancing, and this reality likely being a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, we're excited to be able to ship our products directly to the public so they can continue to prioritize balanced, healthy and sustainable nutrition for their pets."

Bond Pet Foods is currently developing meat proteins through a fermentation process similar to the once used to produce the dried yeast for its first dog treat product, focusing on chicken and other conventional meat proteins used in pet food and treat formulations.

According to the company, utilizing sustainable sources for pet food proteins could reduce the number of slaughtered animals, taking some pressure off the livestock farmers and the animal protein supply chain.

Bond Pet Foods participated in Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize startup accelerator program in 2019, and received $1.2 million in a seed funding round ending in early December 2019.

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