LAS VEGAS — Dogs Love Kale, a pet treat and chew manufacturer launched in 2013, announced June 13 that it is going through changes, including a new company name, package designs and products. The new company name, Dogs Love Us, is part of a “fresh new feel,” said President and Co-Founder Paula Savarese.

The company will reveal its new products and packaging at SuperZoo 2019 in August, which includes Dogs Love Peanut Butter Biscuits with peanut butter, berry and goats milk; Dogs Love Peanut Butter Puffs with peanut butter; Dogs Love Cheese Biscuits with cheddar and beef bone broth; and Dogs Love Cheese Puffs with cheddar.

"From the very start, our brand design and packaging has been a representation of the quality of our treats – fun, vibrant and full of life," Savarese said. "We will continue this image; however, we are making some changes to give our company a fresh new feel, all while enhancing our products and shifting the packaging to focus on flavors and forms."

Dogs Love Us produces limited ingredient dog treats that are 100% made and sourced in the US. All its products are all-natural, gluten and wheat free, and contain no additives or animal byproducts.

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