TEWKSBURY, Mass. — Old Mother Hubbard, a WellPet LLC brand, announced June 11 it has partnered with Loop™ to offer consumers the opportunity to purchase the all-natural pet treats in durable, reusable packaging.

Loop has partnered with several brands and retailers to develop durable packaging that can be delivered, returned, cleaned and refilled to reduce waste. The initiative began in Europe and is now launching its pilot program in the mid-Atlantic US with Walgreens and Kroger as its first retail partners. 

"WellPet was the first US-based pet food company with a recycling program for Wellness pet food packaging, which is recycled into everything from lawn chairs to playground equipment. Our brand Old Mother Hubbard, which has 90 years' experience in baking authentic, small batch, all-natural dog treats from time honored recipes, will be one of the first pet food brands to collaborate with Loop," said Greg Kean, VP of innovation and product development at WellPet.

Loop was started by TerraCycle, another global recycling company making it easier for consumers to reduce packaging waste.

"We are doing this through a refillable treats jar so pet parents can embrace the fun of snack time and delight their pets in a more sustainable way,” Kean added. “Our partnership with Loop reinforces the fact that our pet parents share our commitment to making the world around us greener."

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