TEWKSBURY, Mass. — Old Mother Hubbard, a WellPet LLC brand, has launched a co-branded dog biscuit product, called #CookieCam Cookies, in partnership with The Dogist, a professional dog photographer with a vast following online and on social media.

The treats include Old Mother Hubbard’s three best-selling recipes: Liv’R’Crunch, P-Nuttier and Bac’N’Cheez. All three variations of the treats are made with natural, wholesome ingredients, and were approved by a panel of taste testers made from dogs that The Dogist has photographed in the past.

“We believe that snack time is one of the best ways to show our dogs both the love and nutritional excellence they deserve. With the exclusive #CookieCam Cookies, it will now also be a time that is shared beyond just a pet parent and their pup,” said Kristof Vlaeminck, senior director of global brand marketing for Old Mother Hubbard. “We’ve long admired the work of The Dogist and we’re excited that the power of wholesome, all-natural nutrition will now be a part of the stories they share.”

The Dogist has photographed over 30,000 dogs around the world, according to Old Mother Hubbard, and will distribute the co-branded treats to dogs participating in its documentary-style photoshoots on the streets of New York.

The #CookieCam Cookies will also be available direct-to-consumer on www.thedogist.com. Kate Speer, CEO of The Dogist, said she hopes its followers will take #CookieCam photos of their own to share on social media.

“Rewarding our pups for great behavior is paramount to the training process and Old Mother Hubbard makes it easy with both a tasty and healthy treat” Speer said.  “After years of having solely The Dogist shoot joyful videos of pups chomping away, we are excited to see what our own community comes up with when they have a chance to spread the #CookieCam love with their pups too.”

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