PITTSBURGH, Pa. — PetGuard announced May 22 it relocated its headquarters to Sewickley, Pennsylvania and partnered with Team Hardinger, a third-party trucking and warehousing company based in Erie.

The logistics company will design a customized warehousing and distribution solution to support PetGuard’s business and enable growth, said Barry Sherman, director of business development and marketing at Team Hardinger.

“Our ability to scale our solution and integrate with their software platform allows PetGuard to focus on product development, production, and their customers. We’re proud and excited to be a part of their journey,” Sherman added.

In another move to support growth, PetGuard recently added four executives in business and operations roles. The manufacturer said it plans to expand retail distribution and product offerings looking forward.

“This move reflects our dedication to significantly expand our company’s footprint. The northeast location improves our supply chain and logistics footprint, while affording us the opportunity to attract top management talent who will help us dramatically increase our sales growth,” said Cameron Palmer, VP of supply chain at PetGuard. “We are committed to continuing the great legacy of this brand and making our unique product offerings available to more consumers throughout the United States.”

PetGuard was founded in 1979. Its pet foods are formulated with natural ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners.

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