WINDSOR, COLO. — identity Pet Nutrition on Dec. 30 announced plans to relocate its headquarters from Denver to Windsor.

The new location will distribute the brand’s gently cooked, frozen formulas, as well as serve as a place for the brand to maintain its global day-to-day operations. According to identity Pet Nutrition, the move will allow the brand to grow its employee base and further its online distribution. The new HQ will also provide the brand with future expansion opportunities, including new products.

Founded in 2018, identity Pet Nutrition is owned by industry veterans Jeremy Petersen and Trevar Petersen. The brand specializes in high-protein, wet pet food products formulated with free-range, grass-fed and hormone-, antibiotic- and GMO-free ingredients. identity Pet Nutrition recently launched gently cooked, human-grade formulas.

“Relocating to Windsor allows our company to be closer to the agricultural roots that power and inspire our company,” said Jeremy Petersen, founder, president and chief executive officer of the brand. “My brother and I grew up in Greeley, Colo., we attended high school at Greeley West High School, and our love of pets and the food we feed them was first developed in Northern Colorado.

“We currently manufacture our products at co-manufacturers in Ontario and Quebec, but we already use several vendors within the Greeley, Windsor and Fort Collins areas,” he added. “Weld County is extremely business friendly and we look forward to growing our business in a place where we first found our roots over the coming years, while giving back through employment and intern opportunities. Access to FedEx’s growing network in the region was also extremely attractive for our direct-to-consumer business.”

identity Pet Nutrition will officially open its new HQ in February. The new location will initially maintain the brand’s retail operations while it works to add new retailers within the region.

“A lot of exciting developments have taken hold in the Windsor area over the past 20 years,” said Trevar Petersen, founder and chief operating officer, identity Pet Nutrition. “In the last year Windsor has rooted themselves firmly in the pet food industry with PetDine and Intersand opening new operations.

“The future is so bright,” he added. “We’re excited to add to the strong entrepreneurial spirit and agricultural legacy of the region for many years to come.”

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