ST. FRANCIS, Wis. — Gott Pet Products has signed a partnership with Canadian company Burgham Sales Ltd. to distribute all its products, including its Hound & Gatos and Charlee Bear brands, throughout central and eastern Canada.

Hound & Gatos all-natural cat and dog food products will be added to retail locations in those areas of Canada as a result of the partnership.

“Burgham is a very successful and knowledgeable distributor with a reputation for partnering with premium brands and making their products readily available throughout Canada,” says Patrick McGarry, general manager of Gott Pet Products. “We look forward to seeing all the opportunities that this partnership will accomplish for the Hound & Gatos brand.”

The Scarborough, Canada-based distributor operates across the country and is a member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada, which supports the health of Canada’s pets and offers guidance to pet businesses.

Gott Pet Products is a family-owned manufacturer of dog treats that has worked in the industry for more than 25 years.

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