DENVER — Therabis, subsidiary business of Dixie Brands, has released its first CBD-infused cat treat. The soft chew, hemp-based treats promote stress relief and will become available in April 2019.

The company is introducing a hemp-based, soft-chew cat treat to help reduce stress. "Our goal is to ease stress in cats and help them maintain a calm demeanor in situations that may cause them to be apprehensive,” said Bob Rubin, president of Therabis. 

Therabis cat treats, Calm and QuietThe cat treats are formulated with cannabidiol and other ingredients, including L-theanine and L-taurine. Therabis has been developing CBD formulations for cats since 2017 and partnered with a specialty pet chewables manufacturer to optimize palatability. The formulation using CBD in pet treats was first used in canine products in 2016, and the company has filed for a patent for it.

Co-founder of Therabis Stephen Katz, DVM, said the treats are palatable and effective in reducing stress in cats. "Anxiety is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions affecting cats, as their owners and even veterinarians can miss signs such as hyper-responsiveness to stimuli,” Katz added. He said testing of the product was done with feline patients at his veterinary clinic.

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