Petwell, Inc. has launched a line of cannabinoid-infused pet beverages intended to enhance wellness and provide functional health benefits. According to the company, the new product, TruLife CBD, can help relieve pain, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, nausea and seizures in pets.

“This is a game changer in the pet wellness industry,” said Steve Janjic, CEO of TruLife. “Our CBD-enhanced water unites health, technology and science to create the ultimate in pet refreshment.”

The beverages are simply water infused with hydration and cellular nutrients, through which nano-emulsified cannabinoids can be absorbed. The water is also enhanced with vitamins and minerals and is pH and alkaline-balanced.

This is the first CBD beverage product for pets, but TruLife plans to expand the product line to include pet chews, cat and dog food, bacon-flavored water for dogs, catnip-infused bottles for cats, and other customized beverages for horses and livestock. These upcoming products are intended to benefit wellness in companion animals, promote healthy heart function and enhance digestion.

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