LEXINGTON, Ky. — The 2019 Alltech Global Feed Survey is an annual assessment of the global feed production market. Alltech surveyed 144 countries and nearly 30,000 feed mills worldwide. Alltech reported 26.6 million metric tons of pet food were produced globally in 2018, of which 8.8 million metric tons was produced in North America.

Overall, global pet food production increased by approximately 1% in 2018, which was primarily attributed to the Asia Pacific region and offset by a decline among Latin American and African regions. Pet food production grew a staggering 13% in the Asia Pacific region, led by growth in Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. According to the survey, pet food production in North America and the Middle East remained largely flat. The market grew in Europe by 2% over the year, but it still trails North America for the lead in pet food production globally by roughly 200,000 metric tons. See more insights for other feed categories in the full Alltech report.

Alltech Global Feed Survey 2019, Pet Sector


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