TEWKSBURY, Mass. – Wellness Natural Pet Food has reached a milestone in sustainability, announcing it has recycled 100,000 bags from its pet food line through a free program with TerraCycle, a waste management company. The partnership between the two companies provides a way for pet owners to repurpose empty pet food packaging into functional items like lawn chairs and playground equipment.

"This milestone means a lot to us at Wellness because it reinforces the fact that our pet parents share our enthusiasm and commitment to making the industry—and world—a little bit greener," said Chanda Leary Coutu, director of consumer experience, Wellness. "Our partnership with TerraCycle can only be as successful as our community of pet parents make it, and knowing they have recycled 100,000 bags through the program is a tremendous accomplishment that everyone who contributed a bag should be proud of.”

The recycling program allows flexible Wellness packaging used to package Complete Health, CORE and Holistic Select formulas to be collected at certain retail and community locations, which are then shredded and formed into plastic pellets that can be remolded and used to build new products. Participants also earn points they can use toward a donation to a non-profit organization or school of their choice.

TerraCycle partners with consumer product companies around the world to reduce their waste using similar programs. Wellness is a family-owned natural pet food company in the US.

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