SEATTLE — Darwin’s Natural Pet Products is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. According to Darwin’s, it has helped pioneer a movement toward more holistic, natural pet nutrition since its founding.

Founded in 2004 by Gary Tashjian, chief executive officer of the company, Darwin’s mission is to help pets and their owners enjoy more years of companionship through its nutritional offerings. Tashjian founded the company after transforming his own dog’s health using holistic, freshly prepared, high-quality raw food.

“Darwin’s mission is deeply personal to me,” he said. “I discovered the power of natural, raw pet food when I made the switch for my best friend, Max — a 10-year-old Old English Sheepdog who was suffering from crippling arthritis. After making the switch, I watched Max transform from an elderly dog with restricted movement back into his old self, full of energy. I attribute the additional five years of health that Max and I enjoyed together to that diet change.

“When I saw the benefits of raw food in my own pet’s diet firsthand, I felt compelled to share this knowledge with every pet owner I knew,” Tashjian added. “I felt a calling to help others enjoy more years of healthy companionship with their pets, just as I had with Max.”

In its beginnings, Tashjian was the sole member of Darwin’s team. He individually prepared the raw meat and vegetable dog food formulas before delivering products throughout the Northwest. Since then, the Darwin’s team has grown to serve more than 300,000 consumers throughout the United States, providing more than 100 million meals.

According to Darwin’s, it was the first raw pet food supplier to enter the e-commerce market within the United States. To create its formulas, the company partners with trusted suppliers to ensure fair and conscious sourcing.

In addition to its success, Darwin’s has also remained dedicated to various philanthropic initiatives, including supporting pet shelters through food donations and helping animals impacted by the war in Ukraine.

“I’m profoundly grateful for the success we’ve seen over the years and couldn’t think of a more fulfilling life goal than to promote the health of our furry friends,” Tashjian said. “Everything we’ve accomplished over the years is due to our phenomenal team at Darwin’s, our partners in the pet health field and the community of thoughtful pet-focused families that we serve.”

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