NEW YORK — Natural Pet Food Group, owner of K9 Natural and Feline Natural brands, announced that it has achieved accreditation from the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) on Nov. 28. According to the company, it is the first New Zealand pet food company to achieve the sustainability accreditation.

Natural Pet Food Group’s current sustainability efforts include reduction of carbon emissions, creating more circular operations and other practices.

“When it comes to climate change, we have the opportunity now to fix things for the future,” said Meredith Gudsell, sustainability manager at Natural Pet Food Group. “At Natural Pet Food Group, we’re proud to be investing and upskilling in this space. Combining only the best wholefoods ingredients from New Zealand, we create high-meat diets packed with energy and nutrients that cats and dogs thrive on.

“Key priorities for us includes the reduction and eventual removal, of emissions across our network, giving back to our community in meaningful ways and implementing more circular operating practices,” Gudsell added. “As we continue our sustainability journey, we are excited to share publicly our first sustainability road map in 2023. We look forward to sharing our progress as we work towards more positive impacts environmentally and socially.”

PSC is a non-profit association striving to help advance sustainability throughout the pet and pet food industries. The coalition accredits companies within the pet space that are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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