NUREMBERG, GERMANY — FeedKind® by Calysta has made its debut in the marketplace through the launch of Dr. Clauder’s new Trainee dog snacks formulated with the fermented protein ingredient. Dr. Clauder’s announced the new air-dried dog treat at Interzoo 2024, held May 7 to 10 in Nuremberg.

The launch comes just a few months after Calysta achieved GRAS status for FeedKind in the United States, opening the company up to begin partnering with American pet food and aquaculture producers.

“Pet populations worldwide are rising and there is little indication it will slow any time soon,” said Alan Shaw, co-founder and chief executive officer of Calysta. “FeedKind Pet protein is a win-win for both the pet sector and the consumer, offering optimal benefits for pets, owners and the planet. The first commercial launch of a pet food product in Europe containing FeedKind Pet is an exciting milestone for Calysta.”

FeedKind Pet is produced through natural fermentation. Because the process doesn’t require any animals to be slaughtered or harmed, FeedKind can be considered a vegan protein source while still delivering a nutrient profile dogs need to thrive. The ingredient is also non-GMO and highly palatable, according to Calysta.

“Novel proteins produced with respect for nature, which are vegetarian, nutritious and tasty are well sought after,” said Alexander Gerards, managing partner at Dr. Clauder’s. “We are happy that with FeedKind Pet we were able to develop a dog treat that delivers just that: vegetarian, complete amino acid profile and delicious. Dr. Clauder’s Trainee Snack cultivated proteins is a true innovation meeting market demand.”

FeedKind also offers sustainability benefits. According to Calysta, the fermentation process used to create the ingredient requires little water and no agricultural land, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

“Dog owners have high expectations for their pet’s food and are increasingly conscious about the source, quality and safety of the ingredients used,” added Herman Sloot, vice president of commercial development for Calysta. “For the first time, Europe’s pet food sector has the option to choose a high-quality source of protein that is nutritious and kind to the environment. Calysta is now producing at significant scale, and FeedKind Pet is approved for use in pet foods in the European Union. We are excited Dr. Clauder’s is introducing a snack featuring FeedKind Pet protein as we set a new standard for dog treats — one that prioritizes both taste and health, while looking after our planet.”

Calysta is currently producing FeedKind Pet at full commercial scale as it looks to incorporate its meat-free protein into more pet food and treat formulations.

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