EUSTIS, FLA. — Pet product co-manufacturer Advopet announced an expansion of its private-label manufacturing partnerships on April 24 as it seeks  to help those in the industry unlock further business opportunities. 

The pet industry is poised to witness significant growth. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the industry’s total sales topped $147 billion in 2023 and is expected to achieve $250 billion by 2030, driven by various segments including pet nutrition. The pet food and treat category reached $64.4 billion in sales in 2023, and is set to grow to $112 billion by 2030, according to the APPA.

This significant growth can also be seen in the private-label sector of the market, which offers unique advantages to pet industry players like brand loyalty, exclusivity and enhanced profit margins, according to Advopet. Supplements specifically are expected to benefit from this growth as more pet parents become conscious of their pet’s health. 

With this in mind, Advopet offers a variety of capabilities and has expanded its co-manufactured offerings to include air dried treats and foods, gently cooked foods, dehydrated treats and body parts, yak chews and supplements. Additionally, the company has capabilities in topical pet skincare products and equine treats and supplements.

Through these offerings Advopet caters to a wide array of clients and has partnered with both small and large manufacturers to provide low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing. According to the company, this ensures enhanced flexibility and accessibility, allowing it to serve businesses of all sizes. 

In addition to various manufacturing capabilities, Advopet also specializes in distribution and retail placement. The company leverages its extensive network and expertise to help companies navigate market entry and expansion. It also collaborates with industry experts, like Nathan Fastinger, Ph.D., president and founder of Dr. Fast Pet Food Consulting LLC, to provide product development expertise. 

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