ORLANDO, FLA. — NaturVet exhibited its latest product advancements during Global Pet Expo from March 20 to 22. The brand showcased new vet-formulated dog supplements under its Breed Specific Soft Chew® line, as well as its Scoopables® collection.

NaturVet’s new Breed Specific Chews seek to offer supplemental support for five specific breed categories: Toy/Small, Bully, Sport/Working, Doodle and Giant. Each supplement is formulated with a blend of wholesome ingredients and antioxidants, providing support to common challenges experienced by each breed, like joint, allergy, immune, heart, gut, anxiety and dental health.

“We’re thrilled to attend Global Pet Expo and share NaturVet’s first comprehensive breed specific supplements line in addition to the best-selling supplement innovations introduced in recent years,” said Geoff Granger, chief executive officer at The Garmon Corporation and NaturVet. “We’re looking forward to connecting with our valued retail partners and customers at one of the pet industry’s largest events, where our commitment to the health and wellbeing of pets will truly shine.”

Similar to all its other supplements, NaturVet’s new Breed Specific Soft Chew line is produced at the brand’s headquarters in Southern California. They are formulated with high-quality ingredients sourced from responsible suppliers that have undergone rigorous quality testing by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), according to the brand. 

In addition to the breed specific supplements, NaturVet also showcased its Scoopables line, which consist of 10 bite-sized supplements that aim to provide all-in-one, overall health support to pets, as well as specific varieties targeting allergies, anxiety, digestion and joint health. The Scoopables supplements are available in hickory-smoked bacon and salmon flavors, and can be hand-served or added to a pet’s food bowl to boost their existing diet. 

NaturVet Scoopables supplements for dogs and catsSource: NaturVet

The brand also showed its range of calming products for dogs and cats called Quiet Moments® Calming Aids. The line leverages various functional ingredients including Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, ginger, Melatonin and hemp to help reduce stress, promote relaxation and alleviate stomach sensitivities. 

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