CHRÁŠŤANY, CZECH REPUBLIC — VAFO Group’s Brit brand introduced a new innovation in cat snacks on March 12. The new Brit Care Cat RAW Treats are formulated with a focus on quality and nutrition, aiming to provide felines with a “distinctive dining experience.”

Merging palatable flavors and essential nutrients to support overall wellbeing, Brit Care Cat RAW Treats will set a new standard in the super-premium pet food category, according to VAFO Group. 

The new treats are available in five varieties:

  • Kitten, formulated with chicken, salmon, probiotics, Omega 3 fatty acids and whey to support healthy brain and eye development, skin and coat health, and overall health.
  • Urinary, formulated with chicken, turkey, probiotics, cranberries and hydrolyzed yeast to support urinary tract health, gut health and immunity.
  • Hair & Skin, formulated with fish, turkey, probiotics, sea buckthorn, and Omega 3 fatty acids from fresh salmon to support heathy skin and coat, as well as help reduce shedding and alleviate skin issues.
  • Indoor & Antistress, formulated with chicken, probiotics, motherwort and hydrolyzed yeast to help reduce stress and support gut health.
  • Sensitive, formulated with turkey, probiotics, chamomile and hydrolyzed yeast to support felines with sensitivities and digestive issues. 
VAFO's new Brit Care RAW Treats for catsSource: VAFO Group

All the new Brit Care Cat RAW Treats are natural and free from artificial preservatives, flavors, colorants and added salt, according to VAFO. The super-premium treats can be served as a standalone snack or a food topper. They are available in 40-gram packs.

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