SOUTHPORT, CONN. — Stewart Shanley, chief executive officer of premium pet care brand Earth Animal, has been listed among the 2024 MO 100 CEOs Impact Ranking, a recognition of business leaders driving financial, social and environmental progress by investment bank Big Path Capital.

According to Earth Animal, which shared the news on March 1, Shanley is well known for channeling business actions into positive outcomes for pets, people and the planet. Shanley has been leading the company as CEO since January 2018.

“I am so honored,” Shanley said. “At Earth Animal, we aim to help shape a more regenerative and inclusive economy that benefits animals, people and the Earth. This is an award for the entire company in recognition of all our efforts in running Earth Animal as a force for good.”

The 2024 Ranking includes 77 leaders of B Corporations, Earth Animal among them. Big Path Capital factors in revenue growth and purpose-driven initiatives. According to the investment bank, the connection between these two business tactics indicates a big-picture shift toward corporate social responsibility.

“The MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking celebrates leaders who are leveraging the engine of capitalism to create shared prosperity,” said Michael Whelchel, founder and CEO of Big Path Capital. “These CEOs are the real catalysts and agents of change driving the most dynamic segment of the economy.”

Earth Animal has long committed 1% of annual net sales to fund internal and external sustainability initiatives. In addition to being B-Corp certified, the company is an Icon Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, and was one of the first five companies to sign the coalition’s Packaging Pledge, which solidified its commitment to transition to refillable, compostable and recyclable packaging by the end of 2025.

In 2022, Earth Animal partnered with rePurpose Global to recover as much plastic waste from the environment as it utilizes in packaging and distribution of its own products, and became the fifth business to sign the Better Chicken Commitment in 2022, through which it has promised to source chicken ingredients from suppliers that meet strict animal welfare standards.

 “Congratulations, Stewart, on being recognized as one of the top impact B-Corp CEOs,” commented Earth Animal Co-Founders Bob and Susan Goldstein. “You deserve to be in good company, and all of us at Earth Animal are genuinely proud.”

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