MÜNSTER, GERMANY — Westfleisch, Germany’s second largest meat marketer, announced its acquisition of The Petfood Company GmbH, further expanding into the pet food industry.

“With this takeover, we have taken a further step towards extending our own value chain,” said Wilhelm Uffelmann, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Westfleisch. “In view of the strong demand from our retail partners, we see high growth potential for The Petfood Company’s premium products. We want to exploit this together.”

The Petfood Company is based in Bocholt, Germany, and specializes in private-label products. According to Westfleisch, the company filed for insolvency at the end of 2023, but its operations have continued.

The Petfood company currently receives its raw materials from Westfleisch’s meat centers in Coesfeld and Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany.

“The Petfood Company is a very well-positioned producer in the wet food sector and has a state-of-the-art production facility,” said Johannes Steinhoff, chief operating officer of Westfleisch. “With our raw materials, our experience and our network, as well as the targeted leveraging of synergies, we will expand production in Bocholt, develop the production facility sustainably and secure around 60 jobs for the future.”

The acquisition is also expected to build upon Westfleisch’s existing pet food product range, which includes its dry chew subsidiary Dog’s Nature GmbH.

“With The Petfood Company, we are now expanding our product portfolio to include wet pet food and thus supplementing our range in the pet food segment, also in the interests of our customers,” Steinhoff said.

Following the acquisition, Westfleisch will operate 10 locations throughout northwest Germany. The company has plans to continue investing in its product diversification and expand its value chain.

“The successful takeover is an example of what we will continue to drive forward in the coming months and years,” Uffelmann said. “We detect opportunities provided by the consolidation of the German meat market and seize them where it makes strategic and operational sense.”

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