TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and NEW YORK — Similarweb and HypeAuditor have teamed up to develop their “2024 Marketing Benchmark Report,” which aims to help digital marketers — including those in the pet food and supply space — make the most of their budgets and efforts in the coming year.

“With this report, we can help digital marketers contextualize their performance, set goals and find opportunities in 2024,” said Or Offer, chief executive officer at Similarweb.

The report covers seven industries across the United States: hotels and accommodation, beauty and cosmetics, consumer electronics, home and garden, jewelry and luxury, pet food and supplies, and fashion and apparel.

Similarweb and HypeAuditor identified the 1,000 most visited websites for each of these categories. The top 10 represent cream-of-the-crop domains and are compared to websites that ranked No. 11 to No. 100 as key “challengers,” and those ranked No. 101 to No. 1,000 as “up-and-comers.” This comparison is meant to provide insights on what sets top domains apart from the pack.

“This is the kind of comparative data companies often spend a lot of money having consultants compile as they seek to optimize and improve their own performance,” Offer said. “We’re sharing it for free to give businesses who operate online a taste of what our platform offers in terms of competitive intelligence. And of course, we stand ready to assist clients with deeper and richer investigations of the online landscape across the web, mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.”

Metrics in the report include website traffic, including overall traffic and traffic by channel; engagement metrics including bounce rate, pages per visit and time spent on site; Instagram followers; and influencer marketing reach.

“It’s safe to say that influencer marketing has come a long way since its inception; no longer on the sidelines of the digital marketing landscape, it now stands as one of its pivotal forces,” said Alex Frolov, chief executive officer of HypeAuditor. “This report underscores the most essential influencer marketing metrics, and in doing so, makes a startling revelation — not only has influencer marketing become integral to shaping brand narratives and connecting with audiences, but it has also reached a point where its impact is nearly equivalent to that of other marketing channels.”

The full report is available to download on Similarweb’s website here.

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