While innovation throughout the pet food and treat industry can be seen in the various new products launched throughout the year, the intense research done behind the scenes plays an imperative role in even allowing these new products to be developed.

Such is the role of the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal Biosciences and the lab of Anna Kate Shoveller, Ph.D. From novel ingredients to companion animal nutrition requirements and so much more, Shoveller’s team of researchers, which includes Alexandra Rankovic, Ph.D., and current Ph.D. student Sydney Banton, seek to help the industry better understand pet nutrition and how to support optimal health and wellness.

In this latest episode of More Than Kibble, Digital Media Editor Jordan Tyler talks with Shoveller, Rankovic and Banton about their latest work on amino acid requirements, dietary choline’s potential in addressing pet obesity, pulse ingredients’ impacts on dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), and more.

“The further we get into the science of dog and cat nutrition, the more we understand that we know less than what most other industries that are focused on nutrition and we have a long way to go really to come to optimum nutrition,” Shoveller shared. “It takes a village to support that and to keep advancing the health and wellbeing of our dogs and cats.”


Show notes

0:39 – Introducing researchers at the University of Guelph – Anna Kate Shoveller, Ph.D., Alexandra Rankovic, Ph.D., and Sydney Banton, a current Ph.D. student

2:40 – The process of pet food research

6:48 – An industry-academia collaboration

7:48 – Shoveller’s research on amino acid metabolism

9:33 – Rankovic’s research on dietary choline in overweight cats

14:00 – Banton’s research on pulse ingredients and DCM

17:00 – The latest ongoing work in Shoveller’s lab

19:25 – Fatty acid research and its impact on shelf stability

20:41 – Enhancing collaboration and public outreach

24:21 – The need for more industry-wide research funding

25:36 – Closing comments

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