TORONTO — CULT Food Science Corp. introduced its latest product innovation: Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks. The cat treats are made without any animal-based ingredients, making them the first vegan cat treat in North America, according to CULT Food Science.

Because cats are obligate carnivores, mainstream pet treat brands do not offer meatless, or vegan, cat treat options, according to CULT Food Science. However, according to the company, recent research demonstrated that cats can survive on a vegan diet when supplemented with the essential nutrients they need. Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks are meant to serve as a complement to a cat’s existing, complete-and-balanced diet.

The cat treats are made with CULT Food Science’s patented ingredients — Bmmune® and Bflora® — offering high levels of protein and nutrients to support digestive, immune, cognitive and heart health in felines. The treats aim to compliment a cat’s existing diet, providing a nutritional boost of fiber and vitamin B, among other nutrients, without relying on factory farming and offering environmental benefits.

In addition to their high nutritional content, the cat treats are highly palatable, according to CULT Food Science, made with a blend of yeasts to entice felines.

“Cats need nutrients in meat, sure — but they need a lot of other things, too,” said Joshua Errett, vice president of Product Development of CULT. “Our treats provide meaningful health benefits and cats actually like them.”

Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks will be available at select retailers in California and via Noochies’ e-commerce platform, which also offers a variety of other meatless pet food products.

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