PALAS DE REI, SPAIN — Bioflytech, a biotech company specializing in the production of insect-based ingredients for the animal feed and pet food industries, shared details on its new facility. Located in Palas de Rei in the Spanish region of Galicia, the facility will enable Bioflytech to become one of the world’s leading players in the production of insect ingredients, according to the company.

Bioflytech was originally founded in 2012 and was linked to the University of Alicante. In 2018, private equity Moira Capital acquired a majority of the company and moved its operations to Fuente Álamo in 2019. Currently, Bioflytech operates the only insect production facility in Fuente Álamo, which produces 4,000 tonnes of insect larvae annually, according to the company.

Bioflytech focuses on ingredients from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) including dried larva, high-protein meals, fats and compost, all of which are produced sustainably. The company’s dried larva is intended for feed for laying hens and broiler chickens, its protein meals are meant for the pet food, aquaculture and poultry industries, its fats are used for animal feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes, and its compost is used as sustainable fertilizer.

For the pet food industry, Bioflytech offers insect mealSource: Bioflytech

The company’s newest facility represents its second plant. According to Bioflytech, work on the plant is “progressing well,” as rendering and drying areas are being set up. In the coming weeks, the company expects the first of six fattening halls to begin operations, each of which will produce 2,000 tonnes of fresh BSFL annually.

The new facility will be equipped with a gas rendering installation, specifically designed by Bioflytech. According to the company, this equipment represents a disruptive technology in the insect market that will allow it to manufacture flours with varying levels of protein and fats specific to a customer’s needs.

The facility will also include a second conventional rendering area, which is currently undergoing testing and is set to begin production this November.

Bioflytech’s goal for the first phase of the new plant is to produce 12,000 tonnes of BSFL annually, significantly increasing the company’s current production capacity. The facility will be operated by the company’s subsidiary, Alternatives Fats and Proteins of Galicia.

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