LOUISVILLE, KY. — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) honored two longtime members at this week’s 2023 Liquid Feed Symposium in Louisville.

J. Randy Davis, business development manager of Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. (QLF), was honored as the association’s 2023 Liquid Feed Hall of Fame inductee, and Wes Klett, chairman of XF Enterprise, received the AFIA 2023 Member of the Year award.

AFIA’s Liquid Feed Committee announced Davis’ induction to the Hall of Fame — the highest award offered in the liquid feed industry — on Sept. 13.

J. Randy Davis, business development manager of Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc., with Cathy Bandyk

2023 Liquid Feed Hall of Fame Inductee J. Randy Davis (left) with Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D. 

| Source: AFIA

“Randy brings his whole self to the things he believes in, and the liquid feed industry is the better for it,” said Cathy Bandyk, former Liquid Feed Committee chair and technical development manager of Innovad Additives, Inc. “Collectively, the people he has assisted, connected with, mentored and taught have been, and continue to be, a major force in moving the liquid feed industry forward. Many of his approaches and innovations have been implemented at the farm and mill levels, and he has effectively challenged those around him to think outside the box, expect more and do more for the betterment of the industry.” 

Davis is actively involved in exploring and developing new applicants and products and in partnering with allied companies to serve as a preferred distribution option for their additives. In recent years, he has been involved with key research trials that have aided the development and knowledge of this business.

Since 1998, when Davis joined QLF in management, his services in the AFIA Liquid Feed Committee have stood out. After QLF acquired its Florida plant and associated business, Davis chose to return to his roots, serving as the model to grow the company’s presence in the US southeast.

“His interest in learning, ability to quickly assess situations and potential solutions and wealth of practical experience continues to leave behind a legacy of expanded exposure, acceptance and usage of liquid feed supplements and mill products,” Bandyk said. “Anyone that served with Randy can attest to his dedication to the quality of the symposium, the integrity of committee-sponsored research and the committee’s financial health.” 

AFIA’s Paul Davis (left) congratulates Wes Klett on becoming AFIA’s 2023 Member of the Year.

AFIA’s Paul Davis (left) congratulates Wes Klett on becoming AFIA’s 2023 Member of the Year.

| Source: AFIA

The AFIA noted that Klett helped assemble an outstanding slate of speakers for the 2021 and 2022 Liquid Feed Symposiums. He also has worked with various subcommittees to make contact assignments, assuring sponsorships and contributions to the Institute for Feed Education and Research’s (IFEEDER) Kenny Berg Research and Education Fund were secured. His dedication to his work and the AFIA Liquid Feed Committee can be highlighted in his creation of a task force to explore liquid feed scholarship and leadership development opportunities.

“Serving in his capacity of chair and chair-elect, Wes has adeptly helped AFIA’s Liquid Feed Committee navigate the post-COVID world, which has changed attitudes and logistics alike,” said Paul Davis, director of animal food safety, quality and education at the AFIA. “With his unparalleled organization and dedication, Wes continually shared, encouraged and empowered others to ensure that the Liquid Feed Symposium events were enjoyable and informative.”

The award is presented to an AFIA member who exhibits outstanding support in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives throughout the year. With the exception of the 83 members of the Food Safety Modernization Act working group who received the award in 2014 and the entire AFIA membership following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2021, only 42 individuals have been honored prior to this year.

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