CHEYENNE, WYO. — CADUCEUS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, CORP., parent company of McLovin’s Pet, announced it will utilize an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy to help expand brand visibility, increase sales and advance market share for its McLovin’s Pet Food brand.

Through the use of AI, McLovin’s will employ predictive analysis to help fine-tune its product development by analyzing existing and emerging trends in pet care and nutrition. According to Caduceus, this will allow McLovin’s to anticipate consumer needs more accurately.

The company will also utilize the emerging technology to conduct sentiment analysis throughout McLovin’s social media channels, allowing it to hone its marketing strategies, ensure they resonate with target audiences and expand its market penetration.

“AI will significantly amplify the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, enabling us to engage our customer base in unprecedented ways,” said David Ji, chief executive officer of McLovin’s Pet Food.

Through the use of AI analytics, McLovin’s will also employ real-time inventory adjustments and pricing strategies to help the brand keep products in stock, meet consumer demand and advance its competitiveness in the pet industry.

“As we celebrate our recent sales achievements, the time is ripe to amplify our technological capabilities,” Ji said. “AI will revolutionize our operations, help us gain valuable insights into customer behavior, and drive a new era of personalized pet nutrition. Our foray into AI is more than an upgrade; it’s a transformation. We are seeking to adopt a data-driven approach that will not only increase our market penetration but will also solidify our position in the industry.”

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