CHEYENNE, WYO. — McLovin’s Pet Food, Inc., which was recently acquired by Caduceus Corp, Inc., announced April 21 an international distribution agreement with KeHE Distributors LLC to expand its reach.

KeHE Distributors was founded in 1952 and distributes more than 40,000 better-for-you products to more than 30,00 online and brick-and-mortar stores within the United States, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. According to Caduceus Corp, the distributor operates nearly 500 delivery trucks and 16 distribution centers across the United States and Canada.

In the United States, KeHE will begin promoting McLovin’s products to its customers on the West Coast and, if successful, will expand its promotions to the Midwestern United States, Caduceus Corp stated.

"This is a big first step to having access to a distribution network of this size,” said Alex Chen, chief executive officer and director of Caduceus Corp. “We expect to receive positive feedback and a large order in the coming weeks from this promotional campaign. The promotional model is designed to help showcase the latest and most innovative products to retailers and stores.

“KeHE customers' count on the sampling to stock their shelves with the hottest deals from new and established brands and to learn the compelling stories behind the brand,” Chen added. “KeHE's distribution network will allow us to grow our business to the next level and develop meaningful connections with new retail partners from around the country.”

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