DEERFIELD, ILL. — Vantage Food has launched Simply Kake emulsifier. The hydrated emulsifier is an alternative to conventional baking aids and was formulated to aid food manufacturers’ cleaner label initiatives. The emulsifier also may enable bakers to have taller, lighter and more evenly baked cakes and sweet goods, according to the company.

The emulsifier also may increase cake volume with even, consistent crumb structure, the company said.

“Consumers have grown increasingly conscious of what’s in their food, and in turn, our customers are striving to achieve superior baked goods without including ingredients that infringe on evolving clean labelling standards defined by specialty grocers,” said Mike Savidakis, director of innovation for Vantage Food. “Our innovative Simply Kake emulsifier enables our customers to meet or exceed these more stringent and sought-after ingredient expectations without compromising on quality.”

The emulsifier may be used in applications such as bakery, cakes, pastries, and sweet goods as well as food processing, according to the company. 

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