LONDON — Scrumbles, a pet food brand with a hyper-focus on natural, gut-friendly nutrition, detailed a significant expansion to its portfolio, launching a line of wet cat food products. The new wet cat food line comes on the heels of an investment from BGF, which provided the brand £6 million ($7.2 million USD) in funds to scale its business.

The new wet cat food launch includes three formats — pate, jelly and shreds in broth — all boasting high-meat formulas. The formulas are available in single-serve portions, offering a range of protein flavors, including Chicken, Turkey, Salmon and Tuna. Available in multi-packs, the line also includes a Classic Jelly Selection, Meaty Jelly Selection, Classic Pate Selection, Chicken Shredded in Broth Multipack, and Chicken Jelly Multipack.

All formulas are made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with additional probiotics, in-line with Scrumbles’ gut-health focus. According to the brand, the diets are perfect for cats that have finicky tastes or food sensitivities.

“Our cat customers have been crying out for us to expand into new wet cat textures for some time, but we wanted to go a step further,” said Aneisha Soobroyen, founder and chief executive officer of Scrumbles. “We have overhauled our entire range to launch in a new fully recyclable, easy-to-use tin format in three scrumptious textures. Keeping our much-loved pate, but also introducing a new delicious jelly chunk recipes alongside a premium, indulgent shreds in broth recipe.”

The wet cat food is packaged in fully recyclable tins to appease consumer demand for more sustainable packaging.

Scrumbles’ new cat foods began rolling out throughout the United Kingdom on Aug. 4, hitting retail shelves at Sainsburys, Pets at Home and Tesco. The formulas will enter other retail stores and will be available via Scrumbles’ website later this year.

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