ST. LOUIS — Tiki Cat, a division of Tiki Pets, has launched a new line of wet cat diets, After Dark® minced pâté formulas. The line boasts 95% meat inclusions from animal liver, lung and kidney proteins, speaking to cats’ carnivorous dispositions.

The line includes four formulas — farm-raised beef, free-range venison, cage-free duck and free-range rabbit — all ethically sourced and manufactured in New Zealand. Animal proteins are the first ingredients in each recipe.

“With After Dark, Tiki Cat is bringing its mission of mimicking a cat’s natural prey diet to a wet food with a soft pâté texture,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing for Tiki Cat. “Cats are obligate carnivores who, in nature, rely on animal protein from their prey for all of their essential nutrients. With a 95% meat content, After Dark provides the complete carnivorous diet cats require.”

Other ingredients in the formulations are 100% non-GMO, the company stated. The formulas do not contain grains, potatoes, hormones, antibiotics or carbohydrates, according to Tiki Cat.

“Tiki Cat After Dark pâté is ideal for pet parents who want to feed their cat a natural carnivorous diet, whose pets prefer the mouth-feel of a pâté texture,” said Hudson.

The products and packages were designed to stand out on the shelf, reminiscent of “a nocturnal cat stalking its prey,” Tiki Cat stated. This imagery is meant to imply After Dark offers biologically appropriate nutrition for cats.

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