BOULDER, COLO. — During the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s (PSC) Impact Unleashed Conference on June 6, pet product distributors Animal Supply Company, Pet Food Experts and Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, launched a philanthropic campaign to invest in PSC and its work to advance sustainability throughout the industry. Each of the distributors pledged $25,000 in matching funds in support of the organization’s 10 Year Anniversary fundraising campaign, themed DOUBLE THE IMPACT.

Though Animal Supply Company, Pet Food Experts and Phillips Pet Food & Supplies are all direct competitors, leadership from each company came together for a bigger purpose: advancing sustainability throughout the pet care and pet food industries.

“Impact Unleashed was the perfect occasion for the three of us to take the stage in solidarity to move our industry toward a better future for pets, people and the planet,” said Michael Baker, chief executive officer of Pet Food Experts. “Together, as PSC Icon members, we recognize the transformative power of collaboration as it underscores our deep commitment to driving systemic change that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.”

PSC’s campaign raised more than $100,000 in less than 24 hours, receiving donations from pet businesses and industry professionals during Impact Unleashed. According to the organization, the donations represent a “crucial boost” to industry-leading environmental campaigns.

“This idea that collaboration can unlock bigger solutions is why we have come together as matching funders of the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s 10th-anniversary donation fund,” said Derek Walther, director of operations at Animal Supply Company. “The Pet Sustainability Coalition is celebrating 10 years of service to our industry. Their programs help our industry develop and implement solutions to our biggest planetary challenges, a job that is no small undertaking.”

Thanks in part to Animal Supply Company, Pet Food Experts and Phillips Pet Food & Supplies’ collaboration, PSC has raised more than $217,000, to date.

“The Pet Sustainability Coalition is an organization that takes action,” said John Lawton, vice president of business development at Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “As Icon Members, we too have decided to take action by inspiring donations from our generous community. We continue to encourage the rest of the industry, both companies and individuals, to further invest in a better future for our industry and the Earth by making a donation to the Pet Sustainability Coalition.”

According to PSC, the donations will help it pave the way in expanding its programs to support the advancement of sustainable packaging and ingredients and help further corporate social responsibility throughout the entire pet industry.

“With aspirational ambition, PSC in partnership with these generous distributors will set the bar even higher by increasing our 2023 goal based on the unprecedented initial success,” said Caitlyn Dudas, senior advisor and co-founder at PSC. “As PSC celebrates 10 years of impact, we also celebrate the power of the collective effort of these competitive businesses to solve our industry’s most pressing challenges.”

To help support PSC and its sustainability efforts, donate here.

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