LOS ANGELES — Ultimate Pet Nutrition launched a new complete-and-balanced cat food formula: Nutra Complete. The new cat food was developed by Gary Richter, DVM, veterinarian and founder of Ultimate Pet Nutrition, using his conventional and holistic approach to pet health.

Nutra Complete is formulated with high protein sourced from chicken, as well as fruits, vegetables and essential vitamins to help aid digestion and immune function. The formula is freeze-dried to help mimic a cat’s natural diet and preserve nutrients. The food is free from fillers, added grains, artificial flavors, “unnecessary” additives and preservatives. It can be served wet or dry.

The Nutra Complete formula for cats builds upon Ultimate Pet Nutrition’s existing nutritional products, which includes a complete-and-balanced diet for dogs, a line of pet treats, and a line of dog and cat supplements. The company seeks to provide dogs and cats with the nutrition they need to thrive.

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