SEATTLE — Green Juju announced in mid-July that it has transitioned its Raw Goat’s Milk products to fully recyclable cardboard carton packaging. The company chose cardboard cartons because they are readily recyclable, serve as a renewable source for packaging material, and fit well on store shelves, according to Green Juju.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, and we’re glad that we’ve finally made it happen,” said Kelley Marian, founder of Green Juju. “We’ve gotten great feedback already from store owners and anyone who’s had a chance to get a sneak peek.”

Green Juju’s Raw Goat’s Milk line includes three variations of 100% pure goat’s milk without added probiotics. The company offers raw goat’s milk, goat’s milk fermented with probiotics, and lactose-free goat’s milk for more sensitive stomachs.

According to the company, it sources milk from pasture-raised goats on small farms in Central Pennsylvania. Green Juju selected this source based on the exceptional soil quality in the area, strategic grazing efforts that keep goats and pastures healthy, and the reliability offered by its farm partners in a market experiencing growing demand. Green Juju operates facilities nearby in Pennsylvania where it processes the goat’s milk into  final products for pets.

The company, which was founded in 2014, focuses its formulas around organic produce, novel protein sources and organ meat. Green Juju offers frozen and freeze-dried vegetable, fermented and raw goat’s milk, bone broths, freeze-dried whole food bites that can serve as meal toppers, single-ingredient training treats, and fermented pastes. The company introduced its first complete-and-balanced formulas in March 2023, which consumers can customize with Green Juju’s supplement products.

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