CINCINNATI — ProAmpac, a global flexible packaging supplier, announced Aug. 26 it has added a multi-material laminate alternative solution to its ProActive Recyclable® line of sustainable, polyethylene-based packaging options. This new series, R-2000D, features patent-pending technology compatible with high-speed form/fill/seal applications.  

The R-2000D series is available in standard, high-barrier and ultra-high barrier options for various dry products, including pet food and treats. All variations are pre-approved for store-drop-off recycling programs accepting polyethylene packages.

“ProAmpac continues to deliver on our mission to help our customers meet their sustainable packaging goals,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer at ProAmpac. “The ProActive Recyclable R-2000D series replaces conventional multi-material laminated films with recyclable alternatives without sacrificing performance.”

The new solution is available in premade pouches and rollstock. Aside from its sustainability merits, R-2000D offers a high level of clarity, with HD flexographic printed graphics and gloss or matte finishes, a high drop resistance, stiffness and dimpling resistance, and directional tear without the need for laser scoring. Additionally, ProAmpac’s R2100D solution is specifically designed for rough products such as pet treats.

The R-2000D series is also heat resistant to accommodate high-speed packaging lines.

“Engineering a high-performance recyclable solution that replaces high barrier PET/PE, Nylon/PE, PET/metalized PET/PE, and in some cases PET/Foil/PE was a multi-year material science research and development project,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “R-2000D is engineered to withstand aggressive filling and distribution environments. Its unique multilayer technology allows it to run on high-speed filling lines without facing film or ink distortion in the seal area especially for products with a reclose feature.”

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