AUBURN, KY. — ORIJEN®, a pet food brand by Champion Petfoods, announced the expansion of its wet formulas for cats on July 18. The complete launch of the ORIJEN Wet Cat Food line is part of the brand’s The Cat That Roared celebration.

ORIJEN’s wet cat food line consists of a premium pâté format. According to the brand, each variety is formulated with 95% animal-based ingredients, including muscle meat, organs and bones, and 80% moisture content, making them biologically appropriate for domestic felines. The recipes also contain bone broth and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from salmon and tuna to support immune function and skin and coat health.

The complete wet cat food line consists of five formulas: Original Entrée, Regional Red® Entrée, Duck & Chicken Entrée, and Tuna, Salmon & Beef Entrée for adult cats, and Chicken & Salmon Entrée for kittens.

“Pet lovers know and trust ORIJEN dry cat food for its consistent premium quality and nutrition,” said Billy Frey, vice president of the Champion Petfoods cat business. “We are excited to introduce wet cat food that offers the same standard of quality as our dry food with new dimensions of nutrition and taste, plus hydration cats need.”

Alongside the launch of the full wet cat food line, ORIJEN is offering prizes to consumers as part of The Cat That Roared celebration in collaboration with the Great Plains Foundation’s Big Cats Initiative (BCI). The celebration seeks to help the BCI halt the decline of big cats in the wild.

One grand-prize winner will be awarded a trip to the African safari, and forty other winners will receive a secondary prize of a DNA testing kit from Wisdom Panel, as well as a donation to the BCI in their name.

ORIJEN’s wet cat formulas are available in single 3-oz and 5.5-oz cans at neighborhood pet retailers, as well as Amazon, Chewy and Petco.

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