WILTON, CONN. — Blue Buffalo announced March 16 the official release of its latest wet cat food portfolio, BLUE Tastefuls™. The company had teased the launch back in December 2020 in its second quarter earnings call.

BLUE Tastefuls will replace the premium pet food and treat brand’s Healthy Gourmet products, becoming Blue Buffalo’s new go-to wet cat food offering. The line currently includes three formats: BLUE Tastefuls Patés, Flaked Entrées and Tender Morsels.

The paté formats feature five protein options — beef, chicken, salmon, turkey or whitefish — with the chicken recipe available in three life-stage specific formulas. These include a Kitten formula with added DHA to support brain development, an Adult formula, and a Mature formula delivering energy from “high-quality proteins and complex carbohydrates.”

BLUE Tastefuls Flaked Entrées include chicken, fish, salmon and tuna protein options, each supplemented with brown rice and sweet potatoes in a gravy. The Tender Morsels are offered in chicken or tuna formats with brown rice and sweet potatoes in a sauce.

In each format and formula, real meat is the first ingredient, and all other ingredients are all-natural. The formulas do not contain chicken or poultry byproduct meals, corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients. BLUE Tastefuls are also fortified with vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, and offer high moisture content to promote hydration, the company shared.

“At Blue Buffalo, we love our pets like family and feed them like family,” said Elizabeth Fulmer, product innovation lead at Blue Buffalo. “That means never compromising our high quality and nutrition standards while at the same time working tirelessly to ensure even the pickiest of cats love the delicious taste of our recipes. With the variety of recipes Tastefuls offers, there is a mouthwatering option perfect for every cat’s discerning palate.”

The company cited a growing market for value-added pet food products, including those that focus on overall health and wellness, daily hydration and offering variety at mealtime. According to a survey conducted by Blue Buffalo, 55% of cat owners said they “feel they must choose between food that is good for their cat and food their cat enjoys.” The company seeks to bridge this gap with its new BLUE Tastefuls line.

BLUE Tastefuls will be available at pet retail, grocery locations and e-commerce platforms nationwide, including Amazon.com, Chewy.com, Kroger, Meijer, Petco, PetSmart, Publix, Target, Walmart and other stores.

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