FRANKLIN, TENN. — To celebrate Coral Reef Awareness Week, Mars Petcare’s SHEBA® brand announced July 18 a partnership with nonprofit Kuleana Coral Reefs, an organization that restores and protects coral reefs in Hawai`i.

According to the National Ocean Service and the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, coral reefs are dying and climate change has played a key role in reef destruction. Coral reefs serve as a significant part of the ocean’s ecosystems and their destruction will not only impact fish, but coastal communities, as well. It’s estimated that 90% of the globe’s coral reefs will be gone in the next 20 years, threatening to harm 25% of all marine life.

With this in mind, SHEBA is determined to help restore and protect these vital coral reefs by partnering with like-minded organizations, like Kuleana Coral Reefs.

The partnership with Kuleana is part of SHEBA's continued commitment to restore coral reefs throughout the globeCourtesy of Kuleana Coral Reefs and the SHEBA brand

“We know that cats love fish, and while we all want to provide our beloved picky eaters with high-quality and nutritious food, care should be taken to minimize impact on the planet,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “As a brand that’s proudly part of Mars, we believe the world we want tomorrow is one in which the planet is healthy, which is why we are taking continued action today to help achieve that. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Kuleana Coral Reefs to maximize impact here in the United States to help ensure a future with more fish.”

According to SHEBA, its partnership with Kuleana Coral Reefs will enable the organization to expand its environmental impact. In fact, thanks to SHEBA’s support, Kuleana has already accelerated its efforts, increasing its restoration initiatives from 10 to 30 sites throughout Hawai`i.

“More coral means more fish, and more fish helps maintain marine ecosystems here in Hawai`i, and around the world,” said Alika Garcia, co-founder of Kuleana Coral Reefs. “We’re happy to be working together with the SHEBA brand to maximize our impact in the archipelago. By protecting coral, we’re protecting our family.

To further its partnership with Kuleana Coral Reefs, SHEBA has also teamed up with Auli`i Cravalho, Hawaiian-born actress, singer and cat parent, to further raise awareness on the importance of restoring coral reefs.

“I grew up on the beaches and coastlines of Hawai`i, surrounded by the ocean, and I’ve seen firsthand the impact climate change has had,” Cravalho said. “I feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to make the future more sustainable. That’s why I’m excited that my partnership with the SHEBA brand allows me to shine a spotlight on an extraordinary organization, Kuleana Coral Reefs, and the work they’re doing to preserve and restore the beauty in our oceans to help ensure our future has fish.”

SHEBA’s new partnership with Kuleana and Cravalho is just part of the pet food brand’s commitment to coral reefs and sustainability. In June, the brand expanded its coral reef project in Indonesia, which has helped increase coral cover from 2% to 70% and supported fish populations.

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