GHENT, BELGIUM — International pet food manufacturer United Petfood announced June 6 it has acquired a production facility in Indiana, marking its first plant in the United States. 

Located in Mishawaka, Ind., the facility allows United Petfood to establish local production in the United States and represents a “pivotal step” for the company in advancing its presence in the market. 

“We are excited to take our first steps into the US market with the acquisition of the Mishawaka facility,” said Elodie Fleury, vice president of the Americas at United Petfood. “This acquisition allows us to better serve our American customers with locally produced, high-quality pet food. We see tremendous opportunities for growth and collaboration and are excited about the potential for synergies between our operations across different continents.”

United Petfood purchased the facility from Wellness Pet Company. 

“We’re pleased United Petfood will assume ownership of the Mishawaka facility,” said Reed Howlett, chief executive officer of Wellness Pet. “This will ensure a smooth transition for our team members who have been working at the facility and part of the Wellie family for many years. We are proud to have been Mishawaka community members for almost two decades.” 

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