ALPENA, MICH. — Triton Innovation, LLC. has developed a space-saving, end-to-end cooling conveyor system for pet chew producers. The company’s multi-tier cooling conveyor can transport pet chews, which enter an incline conveyor at 270° F, to packaging lines while reaching effective temperature reduction by the time they reach their destination.

Triton designed the equipment solution with space limitations in mind, utilizing vertical space to cool pet chews into five stacked segments throughout the conveying distance. There are discharge points at each level, which drop pet chews to a conveyor directly below. The bottom level of the conveyor feeds the chews to the packaging line once they are fully cooled, Triton stated.

The incline conveyor and multi-tier cooling conveyor are both equipped with belting that features 38% opening for improved airflow during cooling. The solutions are enclosed by stainless steel, hinged-top covers and flanged inlets to connecting to exhaust systems, the company stated.

Processors can add cooling fans by using side ports equipped with removable plexiglass window covers. Additionally, a VFD speed controller allows operators to speed up or slow down cooling times depending on the specific application or manufacturing conditions.

According to Triton, one of its pet chew customers installed the cooling conveyor solutions at its manufacturing site and saw increased production capacity within a smaller footprint. The solution helped the customer maintain product quality and avoid condensation inside packaging.

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