ST. LOUIS — Sensient Technologies’ Sensient® Colors division announced March 31 it has developed a natural green colorant applicable for pet food applications. The color solution, Vertafine, is cost-effective and adheres to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for natural pet food products, according to the company.

Sensient Technologies stated the industry has lacked a natural, cost-effective solution for shades of green, which have become “highly desirable” in dry kibble and pet treat formulations as natural claims pique increased interest among consumers. Current botanical offerings for green colors are typically too expensive or controversial from a regulatory perspective, the company added.

The company’s new Vertafine color solution is designed for high-heat pet food applications, including extrusion, baking and injection molding processes. According to the company, Vertafine can deliver vibrant, bright green shades for these products to help processors meet growing demand for natural formulations.

“Closing the gap between synthetic FD&C colors and those from natural sources is a key strategic priority at Sensient,” said Michael Geraghty, president of Sensient Colors LLC. “We are committed to providing pet food manufacturers with solutions that allow them to complete their conversions to natural colors without having to compromise.”

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