LOS ANGELES — On March 28, Vital Pet Life announced a partnership with Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., providing the pet wellness company with more sustainable fish oils.

According to Vital Pet Life, Bioriginal’s transparent fishing practices match the company’s mission to support pet wellness and the environment. Through the partnership, Bioriginal will supply Vital Pet Life with natural salmon and pollock oils.

“At Vital Pet Life, we understand that supply chain and sustainability are inseparable,” said Donie Yamamoto, founder and chief executive officer of Vital Pet Life. “In partnering with Bioriginal, we're able to integrate their pure fish oil products with our mission of sustainability to create a win-win solution for pet owners. We know pets are family and their owners want to feel confident and secure in what they feed their pets. Our partnership offers pet owners continuing trust through Bioriginal's transparency, thus raising the bar within the pet industry.”

The new partnership will help guarantee supply chain integrity for Vital Pet Life, strengthening ingredient sourcing for the company’s core portfolio of pet wellness products.

“From our initial meeting with Vital Pet Life, it was clear that transparency and sustainability are critical to their brand promise,” said Cameron Kupper, vice president of business development with Bioriginal. “This aligns well with Bioriginal's commitment to supply chain strength, transparency and long-term sustainability. Bioriginal is proud to partner with Vital Pet Life.”

Vital Pet Life’s partnership with Bioriginal builds upon the brand’s ORIVO certification earned in January. According to the company, the certification demonstrates the traceability of Vital Pet’s fish oil products for pets.

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