PITTSBURGH — Personalized pet nutrition brand Tailored Pet launched a new supplement — Skin and Coat Supplement Bites — on Aug. 30, expanding its existing line of dog supplements. According to the company, the supplements can help pet parents “simplify the daily wellness routine of the family's furriest member — the dog.”

"As moms ourselves, we understand how busy the last couple weeks of summer can be," said Rachel Kracht, senior director of brand marketing for Tailored Pet. "Between getting kids back to school, the start of fall activities, and general changes in schedules, it can be difficult to keep the family's wellness routines consistent, and often the family pup quickly falls to the bottom of the list.

"Now that most families are starting to settle into their new schedules, we're excited to expand our product lines to offer these new veterinarian-approved products specially designed to work together as part of a routine to help dogs live their healthiest, happiest lives," Kracht added.

The new Skin and Coat Supplement Bites are developed to help relieve itchy, dry skin and hot spots, promote a thick, glossy coat, and support immune health in dogs. The supplements are formulated with salmon oil to prevent flaky skin and nourish coat and paws, biotin to promote strong fur and reduce shedding, vitamin E to provide antioxidants and support the immune system, and zinc sulfate to promote a healthy immune response.

"We're so excited to add Skin and Coat supplements to our comprehensive line of products designed to help pups live full and healthy lives," Kracht said. "These supplements are great for dogs of all ages, especially those prone to hot spots or dry, itchy skin.”

The supplements are available in 90-count chews per bottle on Tailored Pet’s e-commerce platform for $23.40 for subscribers and $26.00 for other consumers.

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