NEW YORK — Bond Vet, a female-led veterinary company, announced its partnership with Boston-based Polkadog to launch its first puppy training treat: Lucky Puppy. The new limited-ingredient treats are backed by veterinarians and are made in the United States with natural ingredients.

Founded in 2019, Bond Vet offers modern veterinary services using state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment. The company operates 15 locations throughout New York, Boston and Washington, DC.

Bond Vet’s Lucky Puppy treats build upon its Lucky Dog treat line. The treats come in bits, made specifically for a puppy’s small mouth and in a smaller format than Lucky Dog’s strips treats. The bits are also small enough to be used for positive reinforcement training, according to Bond Vet.

“Treats are my favorite way to make regular vet visits a positive one for both pets and their parents, and since the Lucky Dog treats are always so popular amongst dogs and cats, it’s great to have a puppy-friendly option,” said Gabrielle Fadl, DVM, director of primary care at Bond Vet. “Seeing a dog pull their owner into our clinic to get some Lucky Dog treats is not only adorable but makes bringing pets in for regular preventive health care exams encouraging and fun.”

Bond Vet’s Lucky Puppy treats are formulated with chicken, beef, turkey and salmon, and do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients, according to the company. Polkadog handmakes the treats for Bond Vet at its location at the Boston Fish Pier.

The Lucky Puppy training treats are available exclusively at Bond Vet’s clinics and via its e-commerce platform, which also offers treats for dogs and cats, pet accessories and more.

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