LAS VEGAS — Scout & Zoe’s®, a pet nutrition company specializing in novel proteins, announced a partnership with Catazztic, a cat food company, to launch a new line of novel protein cat food toppers. The toppers are formulated with nutritional yeast and insect-based proteins.

With novel and sustainable proteins growing in consumer popularity, Scout & Zoe's and Catazztic have developed the new toppers to provide cats with a boost of protein and other nutritional benefits, while minimizing their environmental impact by using black solider fly larvae (BSFL). As well as BSFL, the toppers also contain “Nooch,” a cheesy nutritional yeast that provides high levels of protein and can help support healthy digestion in cats.

“We are so excited to bring these NOOCH-ritious products to life,” said Cindy Dunston Quirk, founder of Scout & Zoe's. “Little house lions everywhere can only benefit from the partnership between Scout & Zoe's and Catazztic. Developing this ‘novel’ new line of cat-centric novel proteins has truly been a labor of love. I’m proud to help introduce a line of exceptional quality food toppers and treats which will not only entice even the most picky felines to eat with gusto, but help their digestion and thereby contribute to a happier, healthier kitty.”

Developed by certified pet nutritionists, the new line boasts three recipes, two of which also include animal-based proteins: Salmon, Larvae + Nooch; Lamb Lung, Larvae + Nooch; and Larvae + Nooch. Each topper contains sustainable ingredients and are formulated without chemicals, “unnatural” ingredients and “junk” fillers, according to the companies.

“I had been thinking about creating a line of cat treats that were nothing like what is available in the marketplace,” said Tazz Latifi, founder and president of Catazztic. “I wanted the treats to be highly nutritious while also being fun. Most importantly, the treats have to provide cats with a sensory connection to the food reward. 

“I knew exactly what I wanted — a very different and sustainable protein source that encouraged cat parents to think about their cat’s needs as obligate carnivores and natural born hunters, a goal that Catazztic was able to accomplish through its partnership with Scout & Zoe’s,” Latifi added.

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