SELANGOR, MALAYSIA — Pet care company Pet World Nutritions announced a partnership with SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies, a manufacturer of sustainable ingredients for animal feed and pet food, to launch the first sustainable commercial dog food in Malaysia formulated with black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) protein.

The companies and organization collaborated on a memorandum of understanding (MOU), signed by Peng Yew Choy, chief executive officer of Pet World Nutritions, Christine Chin, chairman of SPCA Selangor, and Nick Piggott, chief executive officer of Nutrition Technologies. The partnership includes an agreement to enhance collaboration and promote the use of BSFL in commercial pet food products, facilitate educational initiatives on the benefits of BSFL within Malaysia, and to support more sustainable living, which includes reducing carbon footprints and giving back to communities through the Cause for the Stray campaign.

According to Pet World Nutritions, SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies, Malaysia produced about 38,000 metric tons of food waste daily in 2021. With the country aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, BSFL could help reduce carbon emissions by significantly reducing food waste in the country – hence the partnership between Pet World Nutritions, SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies.

Established in 2006, Pet World Nutritions currently owns three major brands: ProDiet®, ProBalance® and premium brand Delizios™. According to the company, it strives to provide “uncompromising pet nutrition” to ensure the longevity and health of pets.

“We are honored to have the full support from SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies in embarking on this meaningful sustainable pet food project, for a better future together,” Choy said. “We stay abreast and beyond the pet food trends, always being the innovator in the market. With the introduction of this first ever commercial sustainable dog food in Malaysia, we are marking a new milestone in Pet World’s sustainable mission of ‘Bridging Better Future,’ a step closer to our sustainable goals, for our future generations to come.”

Founded in 1958, non-profit SPCA Selangor is committed to promoting kindness and compassion toward all animals and pets. The non-governmental organization works to alleviate and eliminate animal cruelty and suffering.

“We want to give the best nutrition to our pet companions to keep them healthy, and this inclusion of sustainable BSFL pet food is indeed in line with our mission of reducing suffering while saving the environment,” Chin said.

As well as the partnership with Pet World Nutritions and Nutrition Technologies, SPCA Selangor has also developed a plant-based campaign to reduce meat consumption, therefore reducing animal cruelty, in Malaysia.

Singapore-based biotechnology company Nutrition Technologies was founded in 2015 with a the goal of creating a more sustainable world through animal and pet food ingredients. The company manufactures insect proteins, oils and frass and supplies these sustainable ingredients to the animal feed and agricultural industries. Nutrition Technologies cultivates BSFL to help recover nutrients from organic byproducts that would otherwise be wasted, creating high-quality protein.

“We have a big vision and mission to revolutionize the pet food sector with the integration of insect-based protein for better functional performance, as well as saving the future of our planet and providing food security for generations to come,” Piggott said. “BSFL have a unique combination of nutrients, rich in protein and lipids. This protein source also has a lower environmental impact in the farming and harvesting process.

“By incorporating black soldier fly larvae meal into pet food, we will be able to materialize the production of sustainable yet highly palatable dog food for dog lovers as an option,” Piggott added. “This is part of the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the company to support the welfare of animals through this sustainable project of helping the shelters with great nutritious pet food.”

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