REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN — Avena Foods Limited, a specialty pulse and oat miller based in Canada, announced a significant step toward its sustainability goals with the creation of an advisory panel. The company’s Sustainability Advisory Panel will review Avena’s environmental initiatives, providing suggestions and identifying new opportunities.

The new panel is comprised of farmers, society organizers, researchers and leaders of food and beverage companies.

Currently the confirmed members of the Sustainability Advisory Panel include Co-chairs Margaret Hughes, vice president of sales and marketing at Avena; and Mike Gallais, director of procurement at Avena; and Members Jean-Marc Bertrand, dairy procurement at Danone Canada; Todd DeKryger, Ph.D., sustainable agricultural development procurement at Nestlé North America; Lynell Olson, farmer and agronomist at Caliber Seed Services; Julia Person, sustainability manager at Bob’s Red Mill; Lana Shaw, research manager at South East Research Farm; and Markus Weber, director if implementation and technology at Field to Market Canada.

“A primary goal of this panel is to increase the rigor and legitimacy of Avena’s sustainability program,” Hughes said. “We hope to do this by fostering partnerships amongst the value chain, affirming the value that all contributors bring to sustainability initiatives and developing a shared understanding and approach to sustainability on the Canadian Prairies — from the farm to processing to customer.”

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