FREMONT, CALIF. — Nationwide Boiler, Inc., expanded its existing fleet of watertube rental boilers to include hydrogen firing capabilities. According to the company, using hydrogen as fuel for its equipment aligns with its decarbonization and sustainability efforts.

“Nationwide Boiler is a leader in providing emissions reduction solutions for the rental boiler industry and with the widespread movement towards a carbon neutral future, the ability to fire hydrogen-blend fuels in our mobile boiler rental fleet is essential,” said Larry Day, president and chief executive officer, Nationwide Boiler. “We are proud to be able to offer flexibility for customers that are ready to move to the next phase of decarbonization.”

This introduction of hydrogen firing capabilities is just one of Nationwide Boiler’s efforts to address climate change through its equipment. In the past, the company added NOx (nitrogen oxide) reduction capabilities to its boilers to help reduce processors’ environmental impacts.

“Back in the 1990s, Nationwide Boiler became the first rental boiler company to convert our entire watertube boiler rental fleet to 30 ppm low NOx,” Day said. “That same decade, we recognized the need to reduce NOx emissions even further, leading to our development of the CataStak™ SCR System for single digit NOx compliance.”

The company has tested and confirmed that its line of watertube rental boilers, spanning from 30,000 pph to 125,000 pph in size, are capable of firing up to 20% hydrogen blended with natural gas, without necessitating any changes to the equipment. For blends with a higher hydrogen content, Nationwide Boiler can provide competent evaluations and additional burner modifications.

“It is important to note that hydrogen produces no CO2 byproducts and is cleaner than petroleum-based fuels, however, the NOx output will increase as a result of higher flame temperatures,” said David Spain, technical manager at Nationwide Boiler. “Fortunately, our CataStak SCR is a proven system that will combat that NOx increase for improved emissions and guarantees as low as 2.5 ppm NOx.”

Alongside more environmentally friendly systems, Nationwide Boiler also offers zero-emissions electric boilers for temporary rental needs and permanent sale.

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