KANSAS CITY, MO. — On July 28, CRB promoted Tom Rychlewski to vice president of food and beverage operations. Rychlewski is the company’s first vice president for its Food & Beverage (F&B) business and joins its existing seven vice presidents throughout North America and Europe.

Prior to his promotion, Rychlewski served as market team leader for CRB’s F&B segment, expanding the segment from its original beginnings to include more than 100 industry professionals.

“Before this promotion, Tom was already a critical part of CRB’s explosive growth in food and beverage manufacturing,” said Ryan Schroeder, president of CRB. “He’s a proven leader with a keen understanding of the challenges our clients face in bringing their products to market quickly, efficiently and profitably. As someone who’s been a critical part of the CRB growth story, he’s the right person to lead our dynamic project teams whose work makes an impact every day for our clients.”

In the new role, Rychlewski will now direct design, automation and construction operations across the company’s F&B segment. He will also aid in advancing the company’s brand and its position in the market. Rychlewshi will report to Lance Nordbak, chief operating officer of regional operations at CRB, and will collaborate with Jason Robertson, vice president of food and beverage at CRB. 

“I am both honored and excited to dig in alongside my colleagues and continue driving F&B on its already impressive trajectory,” Rychlewski said. “We have a lot to accomplish, and we have all the right people in place to make it happen.”

Rychlewshi will also aid in the expansion of CRB’s services, especially its ONEsolution™ approach, which matches single project teams with clients, optimizing cost and scheduling without compromising on quality. CRB’s ONEsolution provides everything, from planning and design to construction and completed operations. The solution is primarily used to create large-scale facilities within the food and beverage industry, as well as alternative protein manufacturing. 

In conjunction with Rychlewski’s promotion, CRB has also promoted Ben Rucker, former director of process technology, to market team leader within its F&B segment. Rucker will use his expertise in technical sales management, turnkey process design, project estimations, and vessel and tank design to lead resource development, execution strategies and support ONEsolution. 

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